Eng.Mohammed Al wadan, IT Department SWCC


"We are particularly impressed by the quality of Al Yamama Co professionals and their customer orientation. We are excited about the future of this relationship."


HANY Al Sayaeli,I.T.Manager Institute of Public Administration (IPA)


"Al Yamama Co has consistently demonstrated high levels of business and technical knowledge, creativity and delivery excellence to complete the most challenging assignment. We remain highly satisfied”


Project Management is the vital component of the success of any project. It is nothing but the management of end-to-end process to translate policies into delivery plans and into desired outcomes

Our project management method are the best practices from the industry and that will guide the project through a
controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results. All the stakeholders are clear about why the project is needed, what it intends to achieve and what individuals responsibilities are in that achievement.


Before starting, it is vital to gain the commitment of the business to the proposed project. The outputs must be clearly defined and agreed, along with the measures (critical success factors) against which the outputs will be judged. It is also vital to ensure there are adequate numbers of staff with the required skill set and experience for the task.

This section deals with breaking the project down into stages; reviewing reporting and deciding whether to continue or not. These are all activities that happen at the end of a stage, prior to commencing the next. The rest of the organization also needs to be aware of the projects progress, especially where other parts of the business will take delivery of the projects outputs or products.

This section deals with ending a project in a controlled manner, whether this is because the project has gone to plan, or has been abandoned or failed. Crucial to this phase is the capturing of those things that went well and also those things that did not in a lessons learned report.


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